WiFi, EMF Radiation & Brain Health: How Smart Devices Are Not That Smart

More people are becoming aware that Cellphone Radiation, WiFi and other Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) are a cause for concern when it comes to health.

Jeromy Johnson succinctly explains a few of the dangers associated with these microwaves as well as what you can do to minimize your exposure.

Jeromy Johnson - TEDx - Wireless Wake-up Call

4 Detrimental Brain Health Risks Associated With EMF
It’s become clear that WiFi or any other radiative frequencies are not healthy for our bodies, but how exactly do these things affect our brains?
1) Decreases Memory Function
When studying adolescents, it is clear that over time, their memory function decreases[1]Memory performance, wireless communication and exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields: A prospective cohort study in adolescents.. Other long-term studies have also confirmed these findings.

Children and teenagers absorb radiation in at deeper levels of their brains, and are therefore more susceptible to these adverse effects!

In adults, it takes a longer time, but a decreased memory function will also occur.

Interestingly, in short-term studies, EMF and other forms of radiation appear to enhance memory function. This is because EMF makes the brain become overactive, using up resources at a rapid speed in an attempt to protect the brain from radiation damage.

2) Reduces Cognition
Glucose is an important part of maintaining normal energy levels alongside other antioxidant components and building blocks, such as trace minerals and healthy fats. Without energy, we feel tired and find it hard to use our brains!

It was proven that when one answers a call on their cellphone, the parts of the brain nearest the cellphone eat through the brains supply of glucose at a rapid speed[2]Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism.

The study goes on to say that the overall glucose metabolism of the brain was not affected whether WiFi was or EMFs were on or off. This means that the brain compensates for the areas more acutely exposed to the radiation, reducing the energy level of the other regions of the brain.

Furthermore, other research shows that these types of radiation eat through our body’s reserves of antioxidants.

In an attempt to protect itself from radiation, the body creates and releases Glutathione and other antioxidants. Radiation makes these antioxidants less effective, which means that we have to make more of them to protect ourselves.

This, in turn, will make you feel more hungry, tired, moody and unable to focus!

3) Encourages Brain Tumor Growth
There are hundreds of studies that have confirmed that tumors (especially gliomas and neuromas) grow better in WiFi and cellphone radiation.

Due to this, the WHO has recently classified these EMFs as possible carcinogens[3]World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health – a hard nut to crack (Review).

Microwaving your food and other forms of radiation will also promote the growth of cancer and tumors, so be careful!

4) Destroys Brain Cells
Last, but certainly not least, EMF radiation, WiFi and cellphone radiation destroys neurons[4]Wireless Radiation & EMF Studies.

There are multiple studies to confirm this and from multiple avenues.

The first is that radiation itself is damaging and starts to generate free radicals, which oxidize fats and damage cell membranes. This is the type of damage that the body has to work hard to protect against, but especially the brain which needs fat to function!

Eventually, neurons capsize when damaged enough by radiation.

The second is that radiation acts like an excitotoxin, much like aspartame does in the brain. It causes glutamine to be consumed at a rapid pace too (not just glucose and antioxidants), which plugs up certain receptors on our neurons.

When these receptors become overwhelmed often for extended periods of time, it causes our neurons to swell up and burst like balloons!

Aspartame and many artificial sweeteners do the same thing. Unfortunately, these receptors are also part of the reason that make these sweeteners as well as most electronic devices highly addictive…

8 Ways To Help Combat WiFi & EMF Radiation
Until technologists invent safer ways for us to communicate, EMF radiation will continue to pervade our lives.

Thankfully there are a few good solutions to this unseen problem!

1) Switch To Speaker Phone
Instead of holding your phone near your head, switch to using the loud speaker option.

There are also microphone options that exist which don’t use wireless broadcasting frequencies to work, allowing you to answer calls while your phone is at a distance.
2) Use Cables Instead of Wireless Options
If you have a router at home, rather don’t use the WiFi. It’s a lot safer to invest in ethernet or fiber optic cables.

If you have to use WiFi, restrict your usage.

Keep it on for only a few hours a day and make sure it’s off at least an hour before you sleep.

This ensures that it won’t interfere as much with your sleep by giving your brain some time to wind down, instead of remaining hyperactive and keeping you awake.

3) Spend Less Time On Electronic Devices
See what you can do to minimize using your cellphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices. The radiation caused by computer and television screens also pose health problems.

If these devices are what you use during your off time recreationally, then think of filling your time with other non-electronic hobbies.

Many hobbies actually help to protect your brain from this kind of thing by strengthening neural connections, enhancing neurogenesis and even increasing brain size!

Creativity encourages you to use more areas of your brain than you would normally, which promotes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

It’s also incredibly rewarding!

Learning to play a musical instrument is a non-electronic creative endeavor has been proven to increase the size of the brain!

Meditation is one of the most constructive “hobbies” you could do, as it helps you to reduce your stress levels. In fact, it has been shown to reduce free radicals in the body, therefore helping you to minimize the damage induced by EMFs!

Enhance your focus, reduce stress, and get a grip on how you perceive the world through learning how to meditate!
4) Effective Supplements
These supplements have strong antioxidant activity and tend to be used up by the brain first when it tries to protect itself against radiation. They will all also help you to sleep better at night and improve brain function!

Take Glutathione to maintain optimal levels of it in the body.

The N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Vitamin C added to this supplement help to encourage the body to make more of it too.

This powerful Vitamin is required for our immune system, to reduce inflammation, to maintain optimal bone health and to ensure optimal brain, heart and lung function. If you have a respiratory problem or allergies, this can also aid you to breathe better and reduce the effects of allergy.
5) Optimal Nutrition
Nutrition is very important when exposed to large amounts of EMFs simply due to how taxing they are on the body’s resources.

Ingest trace minerals, vitamins and probiotics to keep yourself protected and in balance!

Reap the benefits of Shilajit paired with a healthy diet full of green, wholesome food to keep your energy levels up, feel younger and live longer!

This mineral supplement contains more than 85 trace minerals and will give your entire body the fuel it needs to protect itself from EMFs.

Green vegetables contain an especially high level of antioxidants. By adding this green powder into smoothies or raw food every day, you can start to boost your health.

Aside from ensuring one gets adequate amounts of nutrition, you also need to eat fiber-rich foods and some probiotic foods to encourage a healthy gut microbiome.

As a bonus, the fulvic acid and nutrients in Shilajit also help promote optimal gut health by securing the right pH and fueling your microbiome!

6) Radiation-Protective Antioxidants
Since radiation causes a lot of free radical damage, you will need a steady supply of antioxidant support to counteract the effects.

Resveratrol is one of the most potent antioxidants found in many fruits – especially red or darkly-colored berries.

Plants that grow at high altitudes in higher levels of radiation produce more resveratrol as a protective measure and we too can benefit from it’s anti-radiation properties.

Here are some Resveratrol-Rich Foods you can add to your diet to boost your protection against radiation.

Even though it does not contain Resveratrol, the antioxidant capacity of turmeric can’t be denied.
7) Keep Electronic Devices Away From Your Food
Try to make your kitchen an EMF-free zone as much as possible.

You do not want your cellphone or any other smart devices that receive or emit EMF near your food. These frequencies essentially act as microwaves, destroying the nutritional content of your food.

When your food is exposed to these frequencies, they denature. Oils in particular begin to emit free radicals as if heated or exposed to sunlight, which will turn them into a health threat, even if the oil is good for you!

This brings us on to an obvious point: throw away your microwave if you own one.

These emit so much of this radiation that they shouldn’t even be given as hand-me-downs to other people – it’s just not worth it!

8) Build A Faraday Cage Around Your Home
If you live in an area where there is a very high amount of EMF radiation activity and especially if you do not feel well, it is then a good idea to shield your home from it by building a faraday cage.

A faraday cage is essentially a grid of metal with a conductance, usually copper, which can divert EMFs, shielding whoever is inside the ‘cage’ from their harmful effects.

This may seem like a big effort, but it is well worth the effects.

You also don’t need to shield the entire house, you just need to locate where the largest source of EMFs are coming from and place a barrier there. It is recommended to shield your bedroom walls to help you sleep at night too.

In the below video, it is explained how you can block off EMFs and WiFi by using a cheap Aluminum fine mesh screen, a few pieces of copper wire and copper stakes or tubing.

Use this RF Meter to detect where EMFs are highest in your home!

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